Alarm DIDs, Credit Card Machines & Elevators

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support lines for an Elevator?

GreenLink does not support elevators lines.

A POTS (plain old telephone service) or PSTN (public switched telephone network)  line is the best solution here as they don’t rely on power or the internet to operate. This can be critical during an emergency or if someone is stuck.

In addition to the emergency situation aspect, some cities do not allow VoIP lines for elevators or alarm systems. So it is code to keep the traditional POTS or PSTN line.

Do you support lines for a credit card machine? 

GreenLink does not recommend the use of credit card machines over our VOIP network.

This is because most credit cards will not work over a VOIP network, and if they do work the connection and transaction process will not be reliable.

Note: The best solution here is not to pay for a POTS line or a VOIP line from GreenLink. It is recommended to troubleshoot and find a way to use the existing WIFI/Ethernet in the company's location that is compatible with the analog type connection of the credit card machine.

Do you support lines for an alarm system? 

GreenLink does not support lines for alarm systems. 

Due to the security factor and due to how typical alarm systems are wired, a traditional POTS or PSTN line is the way to go instead of VOIP.

Do you support lines for a mailing machine (stamp machine)?

GreenLink does not support lines for mailing machines.