Should I Buy or Rent Phones for My VoIP Service?

A summary of pros and cons to consider when in need to get equipment for your VoIP service with GreenLink.

Once you have decided that you will be using physical equipment for your VoIP service, GreenLink provides the option to buy or rent VoIP phones.

In addition to offering and supporting physical VoIP equipment, GreenLink also offers a softphone mobility suite option through our app that can be installed on your computer or mobile phone and will work just as a physical extension.

However, many of our customers prefer to have a physical phone on their desk. These customers often use the softphone mobility suite app as a backup in the event of having to leave the office and in similar situations.

Below are some aspects to consider when renting or purchasing equipment. 

Pros of buying your phones

  • Your company will only make one big expense in purchasing the phones, and no additional monthly costs associated with equipment will be charged.
  • Owning your VOIP phones allows you to bring them with you if you decide to switch service providers.
  • New phones usually come with 1 to 3 years of warranty.

Cons of buying your phones

  • An up-front expense for your company to acquire the phones.
  • The warranty is limited.

Pros of renting your phones

  • There will be zero out-of-pocket expenses at the beginning of your service contract with the new VOIP provider.
  • You can get replacements and upgrades depending on your contract. (As often as every 12 months)
  • You get to try out the equipment for a term and decide to keep it or change it.

Cons of renting your phones

  • You will have a monthly cost.
  • If you decide to terminate services with the provider you rent phones from, you will not be able to keep your phones.

Now you can decide which option works best for your company based on your needs and your expectations for the future.