Why am I experiencing call quality issues? What to look out for when this happens?

A quick summary of the main aspects to consider when you are experiencing call quality issues with your GreenLink service.

There are many reasons why you might experience call quality issues with your VoIP service, and many of those reasons are not originated from your service provider's side of things. Here are some things to look out for if you ever experience this:

  • Poor Internet Connection: If you have a poor connection, the best option is to check your router and other connection settings. If this doesn't resolve your issue, you might need to contact your ISP for further assistance.
  • Latency: When experiencing echoes and delayed audio, this might be due to propagation delay, handling delay, or queuing delay. This issue often happens when your network has not been properly optimized for VoIP. Your IT provider should be able to help confirm if the latency issues are due to this.
  • Hardware Issues: If the equipment you are using for your VoIP service is beyond its service date or has other issues related to firmware updates and such, you might experience call quality issues. GreenLink can guide you towards acquiring new equipment or providing a list of the supported devices you can use with our network to prevent call quality issues that originated from faulty hardware.
  • Network Configuration: Having a VoIP network demands proper network configuration. So, if none of the reasons above match, it is likely that your network needs to be configured properly. Your IT provider can help you in this process using GreenLink's network optimization guide.

These are some of the most common, but there might other reasons why you might experience call quality issues. Regardless of the cause, our service team can help, just email us at help@greenlinknetworks.com with the details of your request or complete the "Contact Us" form in the Customer Portal for additional options.