How Can I Get a Copy of My Invoice?

A quick guide on how to get a copy of your GreenLink's invoice.

GreenLink will send a copy of the invoice on the 1st of each month when service charges are made to your account. The invoice is sent to the primary contact on the account, or the billing contact we have on file for you.

To request a copy of your invoice there are two paths you can follow, the first is:

  • Send an email to or requesting a copy of the invoice.
  • Once received our service team creates a ticket for support assigned to our billing department.
  • The billing department proceeds to send a copy of the requested invoice.

The second path to request a copy of your invoice is:

  • Call our customer support number at 888-972-8802
  • Select option 3 for billing-related inquiries
  • Request the copy of the invoice from one of our service team members