What happens if I cancel my service before the contract's end date?

What does service cancellation entail when in service contract with GreenLink.

If you decide to offboard your GreenLink service, there are two pathways to proceed to manage your service cancellation. Before choosing which path to go with, we will review your service contract and check the end date on the account. Once this is reviewed, this is how we can proceed.

We will need an email to formalize the request for service cancelation. Once we receive this email, we will stop the auto-renewal settings on your account, and you will have two options to finalize your contractual payment.

Pathway 1:

Continue paying month to month for the remanent of the service contract until the end date in the contract is reached. Once the end date is reached, the account will be automatically canceled, and the billing will stop.

Pathway 2:

Request a final invoice. This invoice will contain the total amount owed for the remaining months in the contract. This will be charged 5 days after the invoice of your final billing cycle is created and the account will be canceled at this point.