How to make a conference call

A conference call is a telephone call in which someone talks to several people at the same time. How the conference happens will depend on the phone model.

Conference Call

Follow these steps to begin a conference call:

1.While on a call, press the Conference button or the conference softkey. The call is placed on hold.

2.Dial the number of the second party, and then press the send softkey.

3.Press the conference button or the conference softkey again when the second party answers. All parties are now joined in the conference.

4.To end the conference call, press the End-Call softkey to disconnect all parties.

Note: For most IP Phones the conference call is limited to three members, including you. Check the specs of your particular phone to see if your IP phone is able to add additional callers to the conference call. 

Note: Your phone model may not be designed to initiate a conference call. If it is, you can start a conference call using the conference button (if your phone has one) or the conference softkey.