What is the Customer Portal?

Overview of the customer portal including access levels and what can be done per level.

The customer portal provides customers with access to their phone system setting 24/7 from any web browser including web browsers on mobile devices. 

Access to the customer portal is available in 3 security levels: 

  1. End-user Access: Provides access to settings related to the user's own extension. 
  2. Manager Access:  Provides extension level access to all extensions within the company.
  3. PBX Settings (Admin Access): The Admin has the most access, including extension level and PBX settings (Call Flow, Auto-Attendant, Ring Groups, Time Conditions, etc.)

Tip: To access the customer portal visit www.greenlinknetworks.com and click on the Customer Portal button. You can also access the Customer Portal by clicking on the button below.

To request access to the customer portal, email help@greenlinknetworks.com and provide First, Last Name, Email, and access level.