Do you provide incoming and outgoing paperless fax?

Greenlink does offer incoming and outgoing faxing services. Read below for more details.

Pro Features

Unlimited Incoming Fax to Email

  • This feature allows companies to bring their fax number to GreenLink and enjoy free incoming fax to email.
  • All faxes are delivered as a PDF to the email address or group of email addresses of your choice.
  • The incoming faxing service is free, unlimited, and included with every account.   

Premium Features

Outgoing Fax Service

The outgoing fax service is $19.99 per month per number, and it includes 500 pages. Additional pages cost 8 cents per page after going over the monthly allowance. There is no limit on the amount of users that can be added to use the faxing service and all users can fax out directly from the customer portal.

Currently, we accept PDF format only to fax out. Customers can choose which users have access to faxing. The same applies when it comes to allowing users to receive/intercept incoming faxes.

Secondary Fax Line

Adding a second fax line is also a service we provide. Some companies might want to add a second fax line if they want to keep faxes private (like an HR department that only two users have access to faxes that go to the HR number), and one fax for the entire company where all the users can send and receive faxes from that number.

The cost for a secondary fax line is the same as a single fax line. If a company were to have 2 fax lines the monthly cost would be $39.98 and a total of 1,000 faxes available (500 per number).

Note: The 500 outgoing faxes per month do not roll over or accumulate over time.

Tip: Any user with a GreenLink number/extension in your company can be granted access to send and receive faxes.