GreenLink Desktop Softphone: Getting Started

Initial set up guide to get started with your GreenLink Softphone.

Setting up your GreenLink Desktop Softphone


  1. Open your email and look for an incoming email with the subject "GreenLink Customer Portal Account".
  2. Under the credentials created for you click on the URL line, this will take you to the Customer Portal Log In page.
  3. Once in the Log In page, copy and paste the USER ID on the EMAIL cell and Password in the appropriate cell.
  4. Click on Log In.
  5. Once the page loads the Customer Portal Dashboard will show, look for the DOWNLOADS title and click on it.
  6. Once GreenLink's download page opens, find your preferred download option and proceed to download GreenLink's softphone.
  7. When the download is finished, proceed to run the file and complete the installation of your GreenLink softphone.
  8. Double click to open the GreenLink Softphone application from your desktop.
  9. Proceed to enter the User ID (email) and Password (same one used previously to log in to the Customer Portal).
  10. Click on log in and the softphone will boot up and it will be ready to make and receive calls.