How to adjust voicemail settings from the customer portal?

A quick guide on making changes to voicemails settings from the Customer Portal.

When adjusting your extension's voicemail there are a series of settings that can be done directly from the Customer Portal in your extension settings. These are:

  • Changing your VM password/PIN
  • Enabling/Disabling voicemail to email
  • Update the email for the voicemail delivery or change the existing email
  • Enable/Disable the keep voicemail on the phone option

These are the steps to follow when making any changes to these settings:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal with your credentials
  2. Find the EXTENSION icon and click on it
  3. Find the VOICEMAIL SETTINGS tab and click on it
  4. Proceed to change/update the desired settings
  5. Click on SAVE when you are done