How to make international calls with GreenLink?

International Calling from your Greenlink extension.

Making an international call from your GreenLink phone is as simple as adding +1 in front of the number you are about to dial, or the equivalent area code depending on the country you are calling to.

Quick facts about International Calling from your GreenLink Service that you should know:

  • International calling is disabled by default and needs to be enabled on the account. 
  • International calling is an all-or-nothing deal on an account, so once it is enabled for one, everyone will have the ability to make international calls from their GreenLink extension.
  • Per-minute fee applies and rates will depend on the country and area code. 

To enable international calling for your GreenLink service contact us at

Country-specific details to know for international calling with GreenLink:

Spain - To call Spain from your GreenLink phone you can do so by dialing the exit code 011 + the city code 34 + the phone number. i.e. 011+ 34 + 914482488.
Canada - As it is part of North America, you do not need the exit code 011 to make calls, dialing 1 + the area code of the city which is usually 3 digits like in the US + the phone number you are going to dial, works like this for both local calls and cell phones.
Australia - 011 exit code + 61 country code + 8 (area code of one digit, this number may change depending on the location but is always only one digit) + the eight digit number. The order to dial a phone number is this:  011 + 61 + Area Code + Given phone number.
Africa - 011 exit code + country code (three digits) + area code (normally two digits) + the phone number. 

Note: There are some areas in Africa where the country code and the area code are mixed and it will look like this 212 5357-41642 instead of 234 704 204 9702.

Mexico - To call an institution/company/business in Mexico, we only need to dial the 011 exit code + the country code 52. The order to dial a phone number must be: 011+52+1+phone number.

When calling mobile phones, a second city code is not required. This is the order to follow in this case: 011 + 52 + 1 + City code (some cities only use two codes others use three) + the phone number.


If 1 is dialed when calling Spain the call will not go out.