Call Park: How to use the Call Park feature

Call parking is a method of putting someone on hold in the cloud so anyone in your organization can take the call.

Park a Call

Parking is a feature that allows a call to be placed on hold on one phone and picked up on another. The easiest way to initiate park is to use *7.

To Park

  1. While on an active call, press the transfer softkey or the transfer button followed by *7.
  2. Depending on your phone model, you may see Ok or Send on the screen above the corresponding softkey. You can press the softkey button, # or simply wait for the phone system to dial to initiate the next step.
  3. The system will automatically assign a park line and you will hear a recording indicating the park line number in use (ext’s: 700 – 709 or 1170 - 1179). Additionally, the caller hears music on hold while the call is parked.
  4. To finish parking, you can hang up, press the transfer button or the transfer softkey.
  5. The call is ready to be picked up on any phone.

To Un-park

From any phone, dial the number that the system to retrieve the call from the parked line. The call will be picked up and become active.

                                                               IMPORTANT ❕

A call can be parked for 5 minutes. If the call is not retrieved within that time, the park feature will time-out and send the call back to the original extension from which it was parked.

You can dial *7 from any phone to hear information on current parked calls.


Note: Customers that have available buttons on their phones can also request to have call park buttons created in order to have those parking lots permanently visible on their phones. To make arrangements for this, please reach out to your GreenLink support team using the information below.