Greenlink Mobile Softphone: How to Transfer a Call When Having Two Active Calls

Our mobile clients can only support two active calls at a time, and in this scenario, the transfer attempt would be treated as a third call. This is currently the expected behavior for mobile clients, and it is an OS limitation on both iOS and Android.

In contrast, the desktop clients can support up to five call instances at once, so customers wouldn't notice this limitation there.

When there are two active calls on the mobile softphone, the options are: 

  • Merge:   This option allows you to bring all parties to a 3-way conference. 
  • Transfer to other:  This connects the two calls while disconnecting the mobile softphone user.

Note: We've had this requested as a feature previously, but it's not currently on the roadmap for the foreseeable future. It is largely dependent on mobile OS limitations as well.