What to do if my service has been disconnected due to a payment issue?

The steps you need to take to have your GreenLink service reconnected if it happened due to a payment issue.

If your GreenLink service has been disconnected due to a payment issue, our billing team would have reached out to let you know this was going to happen before it did. The steps to resolve it are pretty simple.

  1. Locate the last email sent by our billing team; it will contain the details of your billing status with GreenLink and the steps to take to resolve it.
  2. Follow the link provided by our billing team and complete the overdue payment.
  3. Make sure to notify our team that the payment has been made.
  4. Once we have confirmed that the payment is complete, our service team will proceed to reinstate your GreenLink service.

There is  24 hour period for the service to be reinstated once payment has been received. 

In the event of not receiving any of our billing notifications, please call at 1888-972-8802 Ext. 1 Service or Ext. 3 Billing.