New Customer Onboarding Process

This article covers the steps in the process of onboarding a new customer in an animated video.

On the steps below we will go over this process in more detail.

Step 1 

Signed Agreement

We’re all set. The agreement has been approved and filed. We completed this step before sending you this email, but we included it here to illustrate the step-by-step.

Step 2  

Scheduling Our Onboarding Call
Your team will schedule the call using the calendar link sent in this welcome email by our Onboarding Manager. Included in the welcome email are a couple of documents that will be completed as part of onboarding – a worksheet for the list of extensions, users and a worksheet for the phone numbers that will be ported to our service.

Step 3

Onboarding Call
What are the things that are covered in this call? We're gathering information about how you want the phone system to work, what happens when a call comes in and where it should go?

This is what we call, a Call-Flow.

To set up call flow correctly, we will want to know:

• Who your users are
• How do you want them setup
• What happens when someone calls your company? Is it answered live by one user, a group of users or perhaps an auto-attendant?
• What happens after hours?
• If/when needed, we  review your contract to update it with any real-time changes that we’re making.

In addition to that, we will complete what we call our “questionnaire” by going over all of the features one by one and asking questions to make sure we are setting up the account exactly as you need it. And, we will go over our network optimization requirements.

Now we are ready to officially begin migrating you to the GreenLink Cloud! The process involves a few teams working in sync to make it all happen.

Building your account in the Cloud Phone System -Account setup team- 
This includes building out extensions, auto-attendant, time conditions, ring groups, and any other configuration as defined on the onboarding call.

The porting process begins -Porting team-
Porting is the process of moving your phone numbers from company A to company B.

We will need a copy of your bill to get the details of the account and, in some instances, may need a customer service record also referred to as CSR. We’ll talk more about the CSR in our porting video.

Note: The timeline for porting is determined by your current phone company, and it can be as quickly as one week or it can take up to 30 days or more to get those numbers released.

Step 4 

Configuring and Shipping Your Phone Equipment
If you are purchasing or renting equipment from GreenLink, our provisioning team will configure and ship all equipment so that it is plug-and-play once it arrives. If you are using your own equipment, we will coordinate with you and your IT company to reconfigure it to work with our system at a time agreed on the onboarding call.

Step 5 

Ongoing Communication
Throughout this process, our onboarding manager will be in communication with you and as we get closer to the Go-Live date that was requested during the onboarding call, we will reconfirm the date based on the porting date approval or adjust accordingly.

Step 6 

Go-Live Confirmation
We will confirm with you that our requested Go-Live date has been approved by the previous company. We are all set and scheduled for the Go-Live date!

Step 7

Network Optimization
VoIP technology relies on your local network. We have network optimization guidelines that we provide your IT company so that they can be implemented prior to your Go-Live date. This information was provided during the onboarding call, and we will be sending it again, prior to going live.

Step 8

Test & Train
Our goal is to deliver the phones at least a few days prior to go-live, we will coordinate with your staff or IT company to have the phones plugged in, tested, and provide guides to your users so they can record their greetings and get familiar with the phones prior to go-live.

Step 9 

During the Go-Live window, we are waiting for your numbers to be transferred from your current provider to us. It is automated and happens at the scheduled time. The time it takes to switch service can take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the phone company that is releasing the numbers.

Also, on the Go-Live date, the phones are either already plugged in or your IT company is plugging them in real-time and getting everything online. At this point, the network also should be either optimized or being optimized in real-time.

Now that all steps were completed successfully you should be live on the GreenLink Cloud!