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New Phone or New Extension Request: A Template

A template to use when requesting a new phone or extension for your business with everything GreenLink needs to know.

In the process of requesting a new phone or extension added to your business, there are some elements GreenLink needs to make the process as smooth and swift as possible. Some of these are gathered below in a template for an easy copy and paste you can use when requesting these.

Template for new extension

Enter your plan:

1 Month Auto-Renewable PROPLAN-M2M 12 Month Auto-Renewable
36 Month Auto-Renewable






User Information: (NAME/LAST NAME)

Phone number (EXT.): (Desired extension number)

Voicemail Enabled: YES/NO

Voicemail to Email: YES/NO

Store Voicemail in Mailbox: YES/NO

Set up Portal & Softphone Access:  YES/NO

Portal Access: (Type of access needed)

Mobility Suite (Softphone): YES/NO (users with portal access have single sign on access to the mobility suite)

Service Address: 


Template for new phone

Will you rent or purchase the phone?

If yes to rent or purchase, include the phone model you would like:

*The models available can be found here: https://www.greenlinknetworks.com/solutions/cloud-phone-system/devices

Will you configure a phone you already have?

If yes, provide the model and make information for the phone:

Note: If you are bringing your own phone there is a one-time $35.00 provisioning fee. 

If you are not able to provide these details do not worry, our service team has the expertise and willingness to guide you in fulfilling this or any other request you might have. You can reach out to one of experts via email to help@greenlinknetworks.com or phone by dialing (888) 972 8802.