Partner Portal & Customer Portal Release Notes - September 2021

A summary of the release notes from September 2021 on updates made to the Partner Portal & Customer Portal.

Improved Outbound Fax functionality

Made multiple improvements to our fax service functionality that translates to a much better fax sending experience. Higher quality faxes are faster and much more reliable.

The Fax List has been simplified

A single row per fax sent/received shows the faxes’ current status.

New indicator for faxes sent via legacy machines

There is a new functionality where you will be able to send faxes using your legacy machine. These faxes will be shown in the Fax List with a special indicator.

New fax configuration options

You will now have a new tab for Fax configurations in the PBX Settings section. In this tab, you can select a DID that is fax enabled (image 3), and then some configuration options for that DID will be shown.

After selecting a DID to configure, you will see multiple configuration options available:

  • Sender Name: this will appear in the header of the fax file sent in the ‘From field’ (see image 5 for an example).
  • Store incoming faxes: indicates if we should store incoming faxes for
  • Fax to email destinations: indicates the emails where incoming faxes are going to be sent.
  • Receive fax to a machine: will send the fax to be printed on your configured legacy fax machine (if configured).

The person receiving your fax will see the Sender Name field in the header of the received fax.