Partner Portal Release Notes - Sept 2020

A summary of the release notes from September 2020 on updates made to the Partner Portal.

Addition of “Reminders” for when Partner sends Opportunity to Prospect

Right after a Partner sends an opportunity to a Prospect and until the agreement is either approved or declined, the system will be sending reminders with a predefined frequency that the Partner can edit or remove once the first reminder has been sent.

Addition of a Decline feature to the Proposal

There’s a new button on a Prospect’s agreement that will allow to decline it and also provide a reason to it or add more comments. It has a dropdown with predefined options (see below) and when selected, it will show a pop-up allowing the user to provide extra details of why they are declining.

Selecting Default Term for Products in Opportunity

For products that have only one possible option to be selected for the “Term,” the system will preselect that option automatically.

For example, PROPLAN-1YR would be 12, PROPLAN-2YR would be 24, AUTOATTENDANT would be 1, and so on.

Add comma’s to quantities on Partner Portal opportunities

For 4-digit quantities, the system now includes the comma in the format.

For example: if before it was $1555, now it will show as $1,555.

Make scroll functionality visible to users on the Products’ box in Opportunity

There is a scroll option on the opportunity summary section for the Products, but it was not visible. Now it shows.

Issue when signing Agreement from Internet Explorer

An issue with Agreements being signed from Internet Explorer was corrected.

Paging Module

New module added to PBX section for Paging. This applies to the cases when the user is trying to manage a customer’s PBX/Ext. from the Partner Portal.

“Number” field on a Ring Group is now a required field

A validation was added to guarantee that the “Number” field for a Ring Group is not left empty when being created. 

Time condition fix when expanded through the whole day

This was a bug fix. The system did not allow to set a time condition through the whole day, for example, from 12 AM today to 12 AM tomorrow.

When the users expanded the selection, the system was interpreting it from 12 to 12 of the same day. We needed the system to default the selection from 12 AM to 11:59 PM on a given day.