Phone Guide: Conference Call

This guide covers the steps to complete a call conference and its variants from your Yealink physical phone.

The phone supports creating local conference and network conference. During the conference, follow these tips:

-Use the handset or a headset if you're in an open environment.
-Mute your microphone when you are not speaking, especially in noisy environments.
-Avoid tapping or rustling papers near the microphone.
-Speak in your normal voice without shouting.

Note: This guide applies to Yealink models T54W, T57W and T53W.

Setting Up a Local Conference Call


  1. Place a call to the first party.
  2. Select Conference to place a new call. The active call is placed on hold.
  3. Dial the second party’s number. (You can also select the desired contact from the search list, or select a contact from the placed call list or Directory before you enter the number.)
  4. When the second party answers the call, select Conference to add the second party to the conference.
  5. Repeat the above steps to add more parties to the conference.

Merging Two Calls into a Conference


  1. Place two calls on the phone.
  2. Select the desired call for a conference and ensure that the call is active.
  3. Select Conference.
  4. Highlight the desired hold call and select Send.

Note: On the T57W phones, tap the desired hold call from the left sidebar. The active call and the selected hold call are joined into a conference.

Holding or Resuming a Conference Call

When you place a conference call on hold, other participants cannot hear each other until you resume the held conference call.


  1. Press the HOLD key or Hold to place the conference on hold.
  2. Press the HOLD key again or Resume to resume the held conference call.

Muting or Unmuting a Conference Call

When you mute the local microphone during a conference call, other participants can hear each other except you.


  1. Press the MUTE key to mute the conference.
  2. Press the MUTE key again to unmute the conference.

Note: To end a conference call just press END CALL on your Yealink phone screen.