Can I demo a phone? How can I request to demo a phone?

General information to consider when deciding to purchase equipment for your business and GreenLink's offer to demo phones before making your purchase final.

In certain instances, customers will request to test out GreenLink's service or a device they are looking to purchase for their company, and the inquiry of getting a "Demo Phone" or "Demo Account" comes into play. 

So, can you demo a phone before signing up with GreenLink?

Yes, getting a demo phone or demo account can be arranged. However, to fully experience the service level offered by GreenLink your network must be optimized to be compatible with us.

Some other elements to consider:

  • Any demo equipment/accounts must be requested through your IT Company.
  • Your IT Company must optimize the network before the testing is done according to our guidelines. 

When would you need a demo phone?

The most common reasons why GreenLink would send out a demo phone or set up a demo softphone for a customer are:

  • To get the look and feel of the phone you are looking to purchase.
  • To test GreenLink's service with a physical device at your location.
  • To test GreenLink's service on your desktop/laptop/mobile phone using our mobility suite and the softphone app.

General considerations when requesting a demo phone

  • After the demo phone has fulfilled its purpose and testing is completed, this phone must be returned to GreenLink in a period of 90 days.
  • Each demo phone sent out by GreenLink requires network optimization to be done for the customer's site before plugging it in for testing.

Note: All demo phones will be given a Texas based phone number. Also, demo phones will not be registered to 911, so make sure not to dial 911 from a demo phone.