Sending and Receiving Faxes With Greenlink's Faxing Solution

A quick article on how sending and receiving faxes works with GreenLink's Faxing Solution.

Sending Faxes with GreenLink's Faxing Solution

  1. If you have the Hybrid Solution, an ATA is connected to your fax machine, faxes can be sent from the fax machine as usual once set up.
  2. Send faxes from GreenLink's Customer Portal using the web browser on any device connected to the internet.

Receiving Faxes

  1. Incoming faxes can be delivered to one or many email addresses. 
  2. Users can receive faxes via the faxes area on the Customer Portal. To provide access, navigate to PBX settings, Phone Numbers (DIDs), select the Fax Number, assign users and turn on the Fax feature.
  3. To enable receiving faxes on the physical machine, go to PBX Settings, Fax, select the DID from the dropdown menu, and the "Print Incoming Faxes on Fax Machine".