What Do I Need to Update the Billing Point of Contact if the Current One Is No Longer in the Company?

A quick guide on the steps needed to update the Billing Point of Contact on your GreenLink account when the current one on file is no longer reachable.

When the Billing Point of Contact in your GreenLink account is no longer a part of your company, it is important to let us know and proceed to make the update with a new person that will assume this role.

To complete this process, we need the following:

  • Create a support ticket and send it to help@greenlinknetworks.com
  • An official email requesting the change and explaining the circumstances.
  • The contact details for the new person

Once we receive the request, our service team will initiate the update, and we will inform you of any additional information needed to complete the update.

If you need additional assistance or have questions about this process reach out to our billing team with your inquiries to billing@greenlinknetworks.com.