How to get started with the GreenLink Mobility Suite?

This article covers the minimum requirements for the softphone applications included in our Mobility Suite.

GreenLink Mobility Suite
The GreenLink mobility suite allows end-users to use their extension on up to four devices including a physical phone, mobile softphone for Android, and iOS or desktop softphone for Windows and Mac.  
There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration for the Mobility Suite: 
  • Customer Portal access. If you have credentials to access the customer portal, you will need those, as those as the credentials used for logging onto the softphone.  If you are not sure you can try and reset your password on the login screen or email for assistance. 
  • Verify that your device meets GreenLink Mobility suite system requirements, in order words that you have a version that is compatible.
  • Go to our Downloads page to get the softphone installed on your devices.