What is a call sample?

At times when reporting a call quality issue, our team will ask you to provide a call sample. This article explains what a good call sample is.

A call sample is detailed information of a call or calls that experienced the issue you are reporting, and that information should allow a GreenLink team member to find the call. 

 A good call sample looks like this: 

"At 4:30 PM today, I was on my extension 145, using my physical phone, and called 212-555-1212  while on the call it sounded like the call was coming in and out and underwater." 

You can also use a template and provide all the relevant details of the call issue, such as the one below: 

Date of call:
Time of call:
Call Duration:
Extension called from:
Extension called to:
Details of the issue:
Contact Person for this report:

Most VoIP providers and carriers keep a wealth of information about all calls within the last 24 hours. This call sample will allow our team to find the call and pull reports, graphs, and other data that will help determine the root cause of the issue, whether the problem was on the side of extension 145 or on the other side of the call and advise on what to do next. 

  • If it was related to local network optimization, our team will work with your IT company to make adjustments. 
  • If it is related to an issue with the internet provider, our team will work with your IT company to report the issue to them. 
  • If it is an issue with another carrier, they also keep 24 hours of calls, and as long as the call sample is still within 24 hours, they can also take this information and troubleshoot from their end, and fix any type of routing or issue on their end. 

Providing a call sample can make a difference in the quick resolution of call quality, call drop, and other related issues.