What's the process for returning equipment back to GreenLink?

The steps needed to return equipment with GreenLink.

When a customer initiates the off-boarding process, one of the things we check is the equipment status and whether that equipment is purchased or rented. If the equipment is rented, we will initiate a process for customers to return the equipment back to GreenLink.

The process that unfolds is:

  1. Our team creates a shipping label for the equipment and sends it to you
  2. Once the equipment is received, we will test its functionality
  3. If all is working as expected, we will mark it off as received
  4. Lastly, the off-boarding process continues normally

If additional assistance is required at any moment with this process, you can always reach out to our service team via the support@greenlinkservices.com email or by calling our customer support number at 1-888-972-8802 Ext. 1.