Why am I not able to receive calls on my GreenLink phone?

What to do when you are not receiving calls on your GreenLink phone, whether it is your physical phone or your softphone.

VoIP technology is often reliable. In the case of not being able to receive calls on your GreenLink phone, there are several checks you can do and troubleshooting that can be done to fix your problem.

Here are some things to explore if you are having this issue:

Check your router!

If your router is not connecting well to the internet, or the router you have is not the most efficient for cloud telephony, this might explain why your VoIP phone is not receiving calls.

Also, if your router is too far or too close to your phone, it can cause interference or a poor connection.

Ensure you have set up your router to prioritize VoIP

If your router has the right QoS settings, it should prioritize VoIP. Confirm that these are enabled; if this has not been done, this could explain why you are not able to receive calls.

Check your phone

Look for physical issues with your phone. If there are none, try moving the mouthpiece around and checking the power cable and ethernet cables on the phone. Check the wiring, such as splitters or any other third-party equipment connected to your phone not provided by GreenLink. Additionally, make sure the wires and equipment are dry and free from any form of moisture.

Make sure your account is in good standing

If your account has issues on the billing side of things, a suspension on the incoming calls could happen until the information is updated with us. 

These are some of the most common reasons behind calls not entering your phone. We are always available for additional support at help@greenlinknetworks.com if these do not apply to your situation or you are still in need of assistance.