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Why is my extension offline?

Reasons for why an extension goes offline on your hardphone (Yealink) phone, softphone desktop app or mobility suite app.

Why is your deskphone (Yealink phone) offline/inactive?

Network Issues - VoIP services and, specifically IP phones, rely heavily on the network equipment in place at a business site (to provide the IP address and control the voice traffic in and out of the network)

Internet Issues - The internet service provider (ISP) that also manages that voice traffic relay, and, of course, the VoIP service provider (GreenLink).  

Hardware Issues - Phones also depend on the firmware (the software that controls the phone) and these can become outdated and/or corrupted.  When a phone loses registration, it could be any one of these variables.  

Some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

  • Check that the network cable coming from the wall into your phone is not damaged and it is properly connected at both end
  • Check that the wall jack on where the phone is connected to is working properly. Try connecting a different desk phone  that is working to the same network cable the offline phone is connected to
    • If the working phone, is also offline once connected to the network cable of the offline phone in questions, you may have a bad network cable, wall jack or network equipment issues
  • Check that the network equipment where the phone(s) connect to are online such as switches and/or routers. Rebooting these can help

Why is your softphone (GreenLink Softphone App) offline or inactive?

If the extension shows inactive in the Customer Portal but all is working well:

As seen above when the phone is not connected to our system it will show offline in the customer portal. For GreenLink's Softphone App and the Mobility Suite your active/online status could temporarily show offline/inactive in the Customer Portal due to a synching issue.

If your extension on the Desktop or Mobile App is working properly, no ticket needs to be open unless your softphone functionality is affected.

Some troubleshooting steps that will help synchronize your app to the portal are:

  1. Refresh your Customer Portal screen by logging out and back in.
  2. Do a hard refresh by pressing Cntrl+F5.
  3. You can log out and back in directly from the app on your device and then refresh your Customer Portal screen.

Still Having Issues?

We troubleshoot by working our way through a step-by-step process, asking about the observable behavior, timing of loss of connectivity, etc. to eliminate variables one by one.  We take the lead on the factors that we control and engage with your IT or network administrator to troubleshoot the network and assist with ISP engagement.