What is the difference between a Hung Group Ring-All and a CyberData Ring-All?

This article will show you how to differentiate between these two forms of using Ring groups.

Hung Group Ring-All or Ring Group

A "Hung Group" or "Ring Group" is a destination designed to distribute calls to a group of team members. Ring groups are set up directly from the Customer Portal and do not require additional hardware to work. All that is needed is your GreenLink's DID and phone extensions to be set up and used.

CyberData Ring-All Hung Group or Ring Group

The CyberData Hung Group or Ring Group gets its name from using a CyberData device connected with an analog intercom system that turns the system into digital. This allows that DID to work with VOIP and allows it to connect to GreenLink's Customer Portal and other digital devices and extensions.

So, a CyberData Ring-All Hung Group is what we call an analog system that has been digitally enabled to perform paging functionalities with VOIP.


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