New Employee: How to setup an extension and phone number (DID)

A few scenarios will determine whether this is something you can do yourself from the Customer Portal, or you will need to submit a request to our Service Team.

Scenario 1

"The new employee will be using an existing extension and desk phone."

Users with Admin access can manage their extension settings and the extension settings for all other users in their company. You can find instructions on how this is done here: Admin Users: How to Manage Extensions from the Customer Portal

Note - In this scenario, the new employee will get the current DID already associated with the existing extension. If you need a different DID associated with the existing extension, you will have to reach out to our Service Team for assistance. The steps can be found here: How do I get a new number (DID)?

Scenario 2

"The new employee will be using a new extension and/or a new phone."

Our service team will need to assist you with this scenario. Please do the following:

  1. Download and fill out this form: New Extension Setup Form.
  2. Once you have filled it out, please email it to
    1. Subject: New Extension Request: NAME OF EMPLOYEE.
    2. Body: Brief description of what's needed and any special notes to consider