How to Check a General Voicemail

A step-by-step guide to checking a general voicemail with GreenLink.


When calling from a GreenLink hard phone or softphone directly, all you need to do to access voicemail is dial *98 and enter your PIN.

To check a general voicemail, follow the steps given below:

  1. Dial into your main number
  2. Once the call hits the auto-attendant, press *98[Number of VM box you're trying to access]
  3. Then it will prompt for the VM box password (if the VM is new and the password has not been set yet, enter 8888)
  4. Once done, this will inform you of the number of new voicemails in the mailbox, and you will be given several management options as listed below:
Option 1  New messages
Option 2  Change folders
Option 3  Advance Options
Option 0  Mailbox Options

Once finished, you can end the call by placing the handpiece back on the phone or pressing the "END" red button on your softphone or by placing the handset back on your VOIP phone.

For the full voicemail features guide, follow the article below:

Voicemails: How to check from a physical phone

GreenLink has a test environment you can use to test how this process works. It will allow you to test all the options above without risks on your current general voicemail. Follow the steps below:

  1. Call 8172218555.
  2. Wait until reaching the IVR, then dial *98206.
  3. Enter the PIN number 8888.