Where can I use my GreenLink service?

A quick guide on how users can take their GreenLink service abroad and make sure it will work smoothly from remote locations.

GreenLink's service is open to any known connection coming from a United States IP address.

GreenLink will allow connections from other countries via a process called "Whitelisting."

The whitelisting process will require you to provide us with a static IP address of the location where the connection will be coming from (an office, branch of the business overseas, remote employee, etc). For example, if one of our customers in the US has an office in Spain, we will need to be provided with the static IP address for that office, and we will whitelist it, allowing connections to come from this location.

This will also allow us to protect you and ourselves from any threats coming outside of the US that might attempt to permeate through our network.

In order to keep GreenLink systems secure for all of our customers, we follow very strict security protocols. Here are some guidelines to follow on how to whitelist your Public IP(s) with GreenLink:

GreenLink supports the whitelisting of:

  • Static Public IPs from any of your US or International offices
  • Static Home IPs for remote employees with access to your intranet.

GreenLink won't whitelist the following:

  • Dynamic IPs
    • Static locations that do not have a static IP (abroad or in the USA)
    • Traveling employees' IPs: This is due to the risks involved with unprotected networks that might be accessed while traveling.
  • Any temporary whitelisting of locations that are not secure or part of your day-to-day business needs.


Using a VPN Service - for traveling employees, using a VPN is the best option as it encrypts their communication back to a safe network. 

For the steps on how to whitelist an IP follow the article below: 

How to Submit a Request to Whitelist an IP?