What are the passwords I can change without opening a support ticket?

A quick summary of the different self-help options available with GreenLink for passwords and other forms of access.

Thinking about accessibility and speed of resolution, GreenLink allows you to do self-help for different areas of service. Listed below are the different passwords/pins you can reset without a support ticket:

Customer Portal

All users with access to the Customer Portal have the ability to reset their own password. The steps to follow to complete a password reset can be found in this article: "How to reset your Customer Portal password?"


The password for your GreenLink softphone is the same as your Customer Portal password, so to reset this password, you can follow the same steps given above to reset the Customer Portal password.

Voicemail Pin

Another password that can be changed from the Customer Portal or directly from your physical phone is your Voicemail Pin. To change your Voicemail Pin from the Customer Portal or your physical phone, you can follow the steps listed in this article: "How do I update my voicemail password (pin)?"

If you are not able to reset your password/pin using these guides, you can always submit a ticket for support at help@greenlinknetworks.com, and our service team will be happy to assist.